‘My Name Is Prince’ exhibition

Written by on October 26, 2017

‘My Name Is Prince’ exhibition showcases the late singer’s life and music

Prince was one of the most successful and celebrated artists of his generation, selling more than 100 million records worldwide. It seems fitting that the first exhibition celebrating the life, music and wardrobe of the singer who died in April last year is being held at the London’s 02 arena. The show, ‘My Name Is Prince’, showcases hundreds of items from Paisley Park, the compound that the performer built in Minnesota where he lived, recorded music and played live shows. The exhibition is set against a deep purple backdrop throughout, the color most famously associated with Prince Rogers Nelson. Also featured in the exhibition, are pages where he penned the lyrics to songs such as Erotic City, the Third Eye sunglasses from 2014, and a diamond-studded cane and waistcoat. Prince had already done much to preserve his own legacy, with Paisley Park serving as a living monument to his endless creativity.


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